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Truffle condiments


  • CRC01 – Artichoke cream with truffles – 80gr
  • CRFO01 – Truffle cream cheese – 80gr
  • CRFU01 – Mushroom cream with truffles – 80gr
  • CRFP01 – Porcini mushroom cream with truffle – 80gr
  • RFU01 – Truffle mushroom ragout – 80gr
  • SAP01 – Truffle tomato sauce – 80gr

Virgini Tartufi truffles and truffle products enrich the most prestigious tables with taste and creativity.
Fresh, frozen, whole potted paté, carpaccio, truffle sauces, sauces, cheeses, cured meats, oil, honey, liqueurs: we have focused on the quality and variety of our offer because we like to serve our customers in the best possible way.