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Types of truffles


tartufo bianco virgini tartufi


Fine white truffle
It is the most appreciated species for its gastronomic and commercial value. It has a light yellow or greenish peridium. The pulp (Gleba) is greyish white to various shades of yellow but also decidedly nutty; in some specimens there are red dots inside. The scent, particularly marked and pleasant when ripe, is not easily definable but recalls Parmesan cheese. Ripens from early October to December.


Fine black truffle
Fine black truffle is of considerable economic interest. If the scent is intense, even more pleasant is the flavor, unlike the fine white which smells very much but in itself is insipid. It has a wrinkled black peridium with non-prominent polygonal minute warts. The gleba, clear in juvenile specimens when ripe, appears purplish brown or reddish black furrowed by slender whitish veins that turn towards purple. Ripens from December to February.

tartufo nero virgini tartufi umbria
tartufo nero virgini tartufi umbria


Tuber uncinatum
According to some authors it would be a variety of the tuber aestivum that ripens in autumn. Characteristic has a much more intense aroma and a dark hazelnut color almost chocolate.


Black truffle in summer or scorzone.
Of fair commercial value both for the size of the medium size (a few pounds) and for the flavor that vaguely recalls the porcino. It has a black peridium with large pyramidal warts that give it a typical roughness, hence the name of scorzone. The whitish to light brown gleba is furrowed with thin white veins that are variously anastomosed. Ripens in the summer, especially in July and August.

tartufo nero estivo virgini tartufi